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Health Services
Here you can find:
  • Contact information for the District 105 nurses
  • Links to health websites
  • Health related forms
Health Services Announcements and information
Meet the Nurses of School District 105!
SD 105 employs an Illinois and Nationally certified school nurse, Shelby Raney MPH, RN. The certified school nurse and nursing team work with all members of the school community to support student health and academic success by contributing to a healthy and safe school environment. Registered Nurses (RNs): Kim Bonk-Ideal, Sheri Lopez-Seventh & Gurrie/Spring, Sharon O'Shea-Siegert-Hodgkins cover each school's nursing office daily between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm and are primarily stationed at the buildings above, but also rotate as needed.

If you have any health related questions or concerns you may contact Shelby Raney at 708-675-9227, or you may also contact your child's school and ask to speak with a nurse.

Have a healthy year!

Shelby Raney
District Certified School Nurse

Kim Bonk
Registered Nurse

Sheri Lopez
Registered Nurse

Sharon O'Shea-Siegert
Registered Nurse

Flu Resource for Families
Please click here for a resource guide from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Please click here for the Spanish version.
Students With Asthma
District 105 requests that all families of students with asthma submit an asthma action plan that has been completed by their health care provider to their building's nursing office. If the student will need asthma medication at school, this action plan along with the district medication form should be completed by the parent and health care provider and submitted. (See below Required School Forms Section for both documents)

El Distrito #105 pide que todas las familias de los estudiantes con asma manden un plan de acción de asma que se haya sido realizado por su médico, a la oficina de enfermería de la escuela de sus niños. Si el estudiante va a necesitar medicamentos para el asma en la escuela, este plan de acción junto con el formulario de medicamentos que deben estar en la escuela del distrito, debe ser completado por el proveedor de salud y los padres y llevado a la escuela. (Vea aquí abajo la “sección de formas de escuela” para los documentos requeridos)
Get Ready. Get Safe. Downloadable/Printable Child Emergency Contact Card
Help your child and their caregivers be prepared in case of an emergency by giving them a reliable way to contact you. Visit the link below to fill out a downloadable, printable emergency contact card. This can then be placed in a child's backpack, lunch bag, or wallet so that emergency contact information is always readily available. You can also add information about your child's specific health needs.
Links to Hands Only CPR, First Aid, and AED Resources
We encourage parents and school staff to view the video below from the Illinois High School Association about hands-only CPR. Additional resources on First Aid, CPR, and AEDs are also available below via the GCN training program link.

School District 105 Health and Safety Information
Administering Medication to Students

Students should not take any medication during school hours or during school activities unless their licensed health care provider and parent/guardian believe it is necessary. Any medications dispensed during school hours or school activities must adhere to the District's policy and procedures on dispensing medication.. A "School Medication Authorization Form" must be completed and and signed by both the parent/guardian AND the child's licensed health care provider. NO student shall possess or consume any prescription or over the counter medication on school grounds other than what is stated in the School District 105 policy and procedures. Medication at school needs to be brought in by a parent/guardian and be in an unopened sealed container. If the medication is a prescription it needs to be in the original container. A student may carry with them an epinephrine auto injector or inhaler for immediate use at the student's discretion with health care provider and parent written permission. For more information on School District 105 medication policy, please refer to the Student Handbook. Any questions please ask one of our staff nurses.

Guidelines for Keeping Ill Students Home

  • Keep students at home if they have the following
    • Fevers (temperature of 100 or above). Do not give students medications to reduce the fever and then send them to school.
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea. Students should be kept at home with these symptoms and for at least 24 hours after they have happened last.
    • Rashes that have not been checked by a doctor. If the student will be coming to school with a rash that the doctor has checked, a doctor’s note is required noting that the student is cleared to come to school.
    • Red, pink, crusty, irritated eyes. If your student will be coming to school with red, pink, crusty, or irritated eyes that the doctor has checked, a doctor’s note is required noting that the student is cleared for school attendance.
    • Any problems like severe coughing, colds, sore throats, earaches, or stomachaches that will make it hard for the student to participate comfortably in the school day.
  • Please have plans in place in case your student needs to be sent home ill from school. Plan for who might be available to pick students up and have a back-up plan.
  • Make sure family contact phone numbers are up to date in the school’s office.
  • Report specific symptoms when calling students in sick (e.g. fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash) and let us know if the doctor has made any diagnosis.

What can we all do to prevent illness? Please teach these to children and provide frequent reminders.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water. Spend at least 20 seconds washing. Easy ways to teach children to spend 20 seconds: hum the Happy Birthday song twice, sing it silently in their head, or count slowly from 1-20.
  • Keep hands away from the mouth, eyes, and nose.
  • Cover coughs with the inside bend of the elbow or a tissue (and throw the tissue right in the garbage).
  • Avoid sharing eating utensils or drinking cups/straws.
  • Cover open wounds, cuts, or sores with a bandage.
If you have any health related questions or concerns please contact the nurse at your child’s school.

CCDPH Flu Fact Sheet English
Please click here for Flu Fact sheet in English.
CCDPH Flu Fact Sheet Spanish
Please click here for a flu fact sheet in Spanish
Helpful Food Allergy Resource
Here is a great resource from the FARE (Food Allergy Resource and Education) organization for those newly diagnosed with food allergies or those looking to refresh their knowledge:
State of Illinois Health Requirements
2017-2018 Kindergarten Parents
The following examinations are required for kindergarten:

1. Current Physical Examination (within 1 yr of first day of school) *This is required for the first day of school.

2. Dental Examination Performed by a licensed dentist and recorded on the State form by 5/15/18.

3. Vision Examination- required by 10/15/17.

2017-2018 Second Grade Requirements:

1. A dental examination is required for all students and due by 5/15/18.

2017-2018 Sixth Grade Parents
*The following examinations are required for entrance into sixth grade:
1. Current Physical Examination (within 1 yr of first day of school) *This is required for first day of school.
2. Dental Examination due by 5/15/18
3. Additional Immunizations: Tdap, 2 doses varicella (chickenpox), 1 dose meningcoccal vaccine (on or after the 11th birthday).

2017-2018 Transfer Students
The following examinations are required for entrance into school:
1. Physical Examination with complete immunization records.
2. Dental Examination (required for K, 2nd and 6th)
3. Vision Examination - Required for any student entering an Illinois school for the first time at any grade.

Exam forms are available in the health office at school or are available to download on the health services page of District 105 Website In addition, if you need assistance finding providers, please contact your school's Health Office for assistance from the nurse.

Registered Nurse Contacts
+ Bonk, Kim
+ Lopez, Sheri
+ Raney , Shelby
+ Siegert-O’Shea, Sharon
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